Storage ashore at Haslar

Storage ashore for motorboats at our specialist powerboat centre

Storage ashore at Haslar

As part of our boatcare service at Haslar Marina, we now offer storage ashore options as well as lift & launch services for motorboats (up to 10m) here at our powerboat centre. We have a specialist powerboat yard based at Haslar with room for storage ashore and slipway launch & recovery - great for RIBs and trailer powerboats.

Larger motorboats and sailboats can be accommodated ashore at Deacons Boatyard and Portland Marina, where we can also handle more complex work like keel removal and Coppercoat application.

Our local partners

We have special arrangements at Gosport Boat Yard for all of our annual berth holders. This is a renowned and well-liked yard that provides a traditional haul out service for boats of all types and sizes.

Haslar Marina berth holders are entitled to 15% off lift and launch services, plus a free pear anode.

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