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At times when things are tough, its in our nature to turn to others and seek out company. And what better way to get connect than to hear the stories and experiences of others?

Folk Tales is a podcast series by boatfolk, for anyone who loves spending time in, on or by the water.  Now in its fourth season, and with guests from within the boatfolk family and beyond, this podcast series looks at the lives, experiences and stories of people with a shared passion for the water. From 15 year old record-breaker, Tim Long, to arctic adventurer, Steve Brown, we have had some amazing conversations with some incredible people and we would love to share those with you.

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Season 1

17 stories from across the UK, covering record-breaking feats, planet-saving missions and life-long passions for the water.

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Season 2

A Folk Tales mini-series, Honest Conversations, covering all things mental wellbeing. Five stories across five days in support of Mental Health Awareness Week.

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Season 3

9 tales from our boatfolk community, with conversations spanning from ocean conservation to turning to boating in a time of adversity. 


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