Our sustainable future

Clean seas

Our sustainability mission

We take our environment responsibilities seriously, and as a business based on and around the water, we focus our efforts on the marine environment.

We believe that our people  and places can inspire, educate and influence  behaviours to make a positive impact on the marine environment (and the planet). Our current initiatives are focused on marine life, ocean plastics and clean water. Read more about what we get up to.

Mascot Seal

Marina mascots

At each of our locations we have dedicated Marina Mascots, with species from dolphins to kingfishers.  Each site has something that they can tangibly do to assist; be it protecting habitats, surveying numbers, through to education around how best to live in harmony with many of our planet’s magnificent creatures.

POO boat in Haslar 2

Pump Out Objectives

We want to do all we can to engage with customers to dissuade boats pumping untreated blackwater into the marine environment.  There is a lack of facilities at UK marinas currently and we are passionate about leading the way – providing easy, cost-free pump out solutions to our customers.

litter picking

War on Plastics

We are in a unique position to make a change to the way things are done in the marine sector to help eliminate plastic pollution.  We also to want to influence and prevent plastics entering the marine environment from land.

Renewable energy


We are on a continual journey to reduce our carbon footprint and are doing all we can to put our shoulder behind the global efforts to meet environmental targets and ensure that our stunning environment can be enjoyed by generations to come.

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