Locking in/out of Royal Quays

14th April 2020

Royal Quays

How to lock in and out at Royal Quays

Our locking programme

Locking-Out: On the hour and half hour.
Locking-In: On the quarter past & quarter to the hour

During quiet periods the lock may be available on demand at the discretion of the Duty Berthing Master.

Lock Procedure: All boat movements are controlled by traffic lights as follows

  • Red - Lock closed or in use - keep clear of the gates.
  • Green - Proceed into the lock

1.  Call the marina on VHF Channel 80 (call sign “Royal Quays Marina”) fifteen minutes before the time of the required lock and before leaving your berth. Stay tuned to the VHF to receive further instruction.

2. Fix fenders & warps. Inward lock- lines to starboard. Outward lock- lines to port.

3. If waiting for an inward lock, moor up on the waiting pontoon, otherwise keep clear of lock gates in case of exiting traffic.

4. Do not enter until you have a green light. When the green lights show, enter the lock. Moor to the pontoon as far forward as possible. If the pontoon is full then raft up to the forward vessel. All vessels in the lock to be secured with breast lines and springs to prevent surge. Be prepared to take instructions from the lockmaster.

5. Please do not leave your vessel during the lock cycle. The ladders are for use by staff and for emergency use only.

6. When the lock cycle is completed, allow the vessels ahead and/or outside of you to leave first. Wait until the gates are fully opened before releasing your lines and leaving the lock.

7. Larger vessels may be required to transit the lock singularly and may be instructed by the lockmaster to be moored centrally within the lock.

N.B. Fishing Trawlers are required to ensure that trawl doors and any other equipment is lifted well inboard before entering the lock.

Free Flow

At times when the levels of the river and the marina are equal both pairs of lock gates may be opened at the same time. This is in order to replenish the impounded water as well as allowing unrestricted passage for boats exiting and arriving at the marina.

During freeflow vessels must call on VHF for clearance and obey the traffic lights. Be aware of strong currents from the flow of the water.

Dock levels and depths

Under normal circumstances the dock level is maintained to a minimum height of 3.54 metres above chart datum. At this level, the depth of water in the dock is typically 7.2 metres. The dock shallows slightly at the western edge.

Lock dimensions

  • Width of gate opening 8.0 metres

  • Width at centre - 17.1 metres

  • Length 41 metres

  • Height of outer cill - 3.3 metres below chart datum

  • Height of inner cill - 0.5 metres below chart datum

An area of shallow water (the former position of the Dene Coal Staithe), projects roughly southeastwards from the mouth of Chirton Dene towards the boatyard wall. The area is well marked by yellow marker buoys. Vessels should not enter the buoyed area.

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