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23rd July 2021

Royal Quays

Floating ecosystem at Royal Quays Marina

Providing a home for local wildlife

Royal Quays Marina are proud to be supporting nature based solutions on the River Tyne. The installation of the new floating ecosystem is part of the Tyne Estuary Partnership which works to enhance wildlife habitats and improve water quality along the length of the river Tyne. The ecosystem is  a pilot for the wider area, and part of a bigger project which aims to reinstate wildlife habitats along the previously heavily industrialised areas of the Riverbank. To ensure the success of the ecosystem there is ongoing monitoring being carried out by University of Newcastle students who frequently visit the site alongide monitoring vegetation growth (both above and below the water) through the use of a timelapse camera.

 The ecosystem features hardy Halophyte plants known for their ability to survive in harsh conditions and salt water. The vegetation provides a habitat for invertebrates and nesting birds, whilst underwater root growth provides a home for molluscs and fish. The ecosystem is already proving popular with the marina wildlife with both Common Terns and Swans seen enjoying (and even nesting) on this new installation. 

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