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11th May 2024


Berth holder's Log: Maisie

This Portland Pup loves adventuring afloat!

At Portland Marina, we are proud to have a vibrant community of berth holders, many of whom share their boating adventures with their four-legged friends. One well-loved member of our marina mutt community is Maisie, a sweet-natured and occasionally very excitable golden Labrador who who loves nothing more than adventures afloat with her family on their motor boat.

Maisie first dipped her paws into the boating world when she was just 10 months old, thanks to her owners, Stewart and Lynda. Since then, she has embraced boat life with the enthusiasm and grace typical of her breed. She always manages to snag the comfiest seat in the cockpit to lounge in the sun and watch the world go by. Whilst she likes to sit back and enjoy the ride when they're out and about, sticking her snout into the breeze and letting the wind flap her ears back, once they're safely anchored she loves nothing more than a swim and is straight in for a dip!

She's a well known character at Portland, having joined our community as a puppy, and definitely has her favourite friends who set her whole back end wagging when she spies them. On arrival at the marina, she makes a bee line for the office as soon as she's released from the car, hunting for biscuits and belly rubs from the team! 

Despite being an adventurous pup, there are a few things which dampen Maisie's spirits. She's a fair weather girl and braving the rain for her pre-bedtime wee isn't something she's a fan of and it can take some persuading to dislodge her from her comfy bunk for the long walk up the pontoons! She's also not a fan of loud noises and bangs, so when the cruise ships are visiting the port and make a song and dance about their departure, she needs lots of cuddles and reassurance from her mum.

We've loved watching Maisie’s journey from curious puppy to enthusiastic boater and can't wait to hear about her latest escapades. She embodies the spirit of our community, always ready for the next adventure and bringing smiles to all she meets. So next time you’re at the marina, keep an eye out for Maisie – she’s always up for a friendly pat and a chance to brighten your day!

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