Boatcare at Portland

Maximise your valuable down time and let us do the dirty work for you

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We know that your leisure time is precious and there’s never quite enough of it. Using it to antifoul your boat, change your anodes or service your loo isn’t always the most appealing past time so why not let us take the weight off and let us do it for you?  

Together with our service partners, we can cover every aspect of boat maintenance and repair from engine servicing, replacing your rigging or copper coating your bottom.  

Every job is different so speak to Lee Meachim, our boatcare manager, or Jack Keane (Keano), our boatcare supervisor, to get a personalised quote for your boat and chat through what you need done.

Don’t forget that annual berth holders get 10% off boatcare labour!

Haslar Boatcare