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How our ANPR car park works

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Where to park & how to pay

Our car parks

We have two car parks, one for Portland annual berth holders and a main car park in front of our dry stack, both are controlled by Automatic Number Plate Recognition. We are in the process of building a third long-stay car park just off the marina site which we hope will be available by summer 2023, which will also be ANPR.

There's a drop-off zone on the roundabout outside the pub for loading and unloading with a max. stay of 15 minutes. Blue badge holders parking in the public disabled bays on the roundabout should still pay parking fees. You'll need to put your length of stay into the machine when you go to pay.

To see whether you need to pay or how to get your discount voucher, check below.


Our customers who berth with us year round

Portland Annual Berth Holders

Our annual berthing license includes free parking in our dedicated berth holders car park situated on the left as you enter the marina. Berth holders can register up to five number plates on their account. They can park up to two cars in this car park at any one time free of charge. Additional cars brought onto the marina site at the same time as the two in the berth holders car park need to be parked in the main car park. We can offer these cars a 50% discount, please visit the marina or boatcare offices to obtain a voucher to use on departure.

Any vehicles not registered to an annual berth holder (and additional cars after the first two have arrived) will receive a Parking Charge Notice if they park in the berth holder car park.

Our flexi-berthing customers can also register up to five cars and have two free on-site at any one time. However, these cars must be parked in the main car park only.

Visitors by sea & yard customers

Visiting boat owners

Visiting boat owners by sea are able to park one car free of charge in our main car park, any additional cars must pay for their stay. To register your free stay please pop into the marina office with details of your car registration.

If your boat is out in our yard, please pop into the marina or boatcare office to register your number plate.

If you are staying with us over just a few days, we may ask you to come in daily to register your vehicle. 

Our flexi-berthing customers can also register up to five cars and have two free on-site at any one time. These cars must be parked in the main car park.

Coming to see our marine business partners

Brokerage, Chandlery & Training

Need something from the boatcare chandlery or popping by for an air bottle refill from the Dive Centre? You can get a 2 hour free voucher from the boatcare office.

If you're coming to see boatpoint or boatcare  for a longer appointment or you're training with Quality Time Training, stop by the boatcare office and they'll register your vehicle for free parking for the duration.

Going afloat with our commercial customers

Day Charter Customers

If you're heading out for the day with one of our commercial charter customers or day trip boats, they will be able to give you a 50% discount voucher to be used against your parking fees.

Our charter and trip operators are;

  • Adventure 4 All
  • Skin Deep Diving
  • Scimitar Diving
  • Sea Leopard
  • Jurassic Aqua Sports
  • Moonfleet Adventure Sailing
  • Fins Up
  • Jurassic Charters

Cafe & restaurant customers

Public Parking

Dropping in to one of our on-site eateries for a drink or a bite to eat? You'll get a 2 hour free voucher from them, but if you're staying longer you'll need to pay for the remaining duration.

Customers visiting from our sister marinas

boatfolk Berth Holders

Visiting boatfolk customers from our sister marinas will need to park in the main car park. If your boat is at Portland, either ashore or afloat, you'll get free parking, just pop into the marina or boatcare offices to register your number plate.

If your boat is snug on her berth at her home marina, but you're popping by for one of the options above, the relevant information for the business you're visiting will apply. 

For visitors to the marina who need to pay parking fees there are two payment machines located by the Lynx helicopter and outside the marina office. Vouchers are available from the marina and boatcare offices, cafe or restaurant for those using our on-site businesses.

When you're ready to leave, choose the 'pay with voucher' option at the machine and you'll be prompted to scan the voucher then enter your vehicle registration. Your discount (2 hours free or 50% off) will be applied and any remaining fees ready to be paid. Our machines accept card and contactless payments and are cash free to save you searching  for the right change!

Please note that you are unable to use a discount voucher in conjunction with the JustPark app.

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