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3rd March 2024


Berth Holder's Log

Meet Captain Popeye!

Captain Popeye

Meet Popeye, the charming English Bulldog who calls Portland Marina his home. Celebrating his first birthday on February 11th, Popeye embarked on his maritime adventure in April 2023 at a tender age of 10 weeks old. Since then, he's become an integral part of his family's yacht life, embodying the spirit of a true boat dog.

From the moment Popeye set paw on deck, he embraced his role with gusto. His days are spent lounging on the deck, his curious snout poking out to survey the bustling marine environment. With a keen eye and a vigilant demeanor, Popeye serves as an excellent guard dog, attuned to the slightest changes in his surroundings – be it the arrival of neighboring vessels, unfamiliar faces, or the flapping of unruly sails in the wind.

Popeye is a bundle of playful energy and he's always eager to greet his favourite marina mates regardless of whether they have two legs or four. When he's not patrolling the pontoons (on the lead, of course!), his favorite companion is a trusty blue plastic crocodile which he happily chews on for hours.

Popeye's social calendar is equally packed. A regular visitor to The Kitchen and the marina office, he eagerly greets everyone he meets, his affable demeanor winning hearts and perhaps a few dog biscuits along the way. His enthusiasm for meeting new faces mirrors his love for exploring the open waters, albeit with a watchful eye on his human companions.

While Popeye relishes his time aboard, he's not without his moments of contemplation. As the boat glides across the water, he often finds himself pondering the curious sensation of his "house" in motion, but as long he's got his Mum nearby, he navigates these moments with grace and a touch of canine curiosity.

However, Popeye's seafaring adventures are not without their quirks. Like any seasoned sailor, he's developed a distaste for sudden movements – particularly when it comes to hoisting sails in haste. But with gentle reassurance and a steady hand, Popeye quickly finds his sea legs once more, ready to embrace whatever the maritime world throws his way.

Popeye's portrait was entered into our inaugural annual photo competition in the 'our Crew' category by his owner, Karen. Whilst it was pipped to the winning post by Mandy Harraway's sunset shot at Portland Week 2022, we love Popeye's chilled demeanor as he sunbathes on the deck! You can see the rest of the winning entries on the boatfolk journal, just click the link below!

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