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Boatcare at Portishead
boat yard


Boatyard at Portishead

Post lift or pre-launch our boatyard provides secure storage with both power and water.  Even though Portishead is located in the heart of a modern residential area, it boasts ample ground space for your convenience. You'll find a secure boatyard where you can safely work on and store your vessel. 


Boat lifting

Boat lifting at Portishead

Our Wise 35T mobile hoist possesses the ability to effortlessly raise boats weighing up to 35 tonnes. Additionally, we provide a secure hold in the slings, allowing for swift maintenance, thorough surveys, and a hull wash.


Slipway at Portishead

We can launch from our trailor or self launch is available with the correct size vehicle and correct boat length.  Just ask in the marina office for more details.

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Marine engineering

Marine engineering at Portishead

We offer the convenience of onsite marine engineers, boat repair experts, and boat care providers to ensure that your boat remains in pristine condition.

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