Getting to Portishead Marina

By sea or by land, come and visit

Getting to Portishead Marina


Portishead Marina, Lock control building, Newfoundland Way, Portishead, BS20 7DF.

Latitude: 51.4893° N
Longitude: 2.7604° W

1Nm South west of the mouth of the river Avon

As you approach the Marina entrance from the Northeast you will see the pier on your starboard side.  If your approach is in darkness, you will be able to see the isophase green light at the end of the pier.  At the entrance to the lock, two vertical fixed port and starboard lights are displayed.  Passage through the lock is controlled by a traffic control system on the port side.  The traffic lights display three vertical reds to mean "vessels shall not proceed", or green, white, green to mean "vessels may proceed on instruction from the marina control".  This conforms to the IALA standard, and should be observed by all vessels using the lock.

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