Pump Out Objectives

Keeping our seas clean

POO boat in Haslar 2

We know that our efforts need to be redoubled in this area, as many leisure vessels are responsible for blackwater pollution in our marine environment.  We were shocked to hear that two blackwater pollution spikes in the Solent coincide with Cowes Week and the Round the Island race each year – and further alarmed to learn that one untreated flush from a toilet has 250,000 times more bacteria than a flush that been through the sewage treatment process.  

A number of our marinas have pump out facilities, and at Haslar Marina the team want to go the extra mile by providing a free pump out solution that requires the customer to do absolutely nothing - except make a voluntary donation to the Wilder Solent charity if they choose. 

With a new specially created work boat, the marina staff will now be able to go to customers boats and pump them out when the customers are away from the boats, leaving the customer nothing to do.  It is our belief that by taking this approach to offering a hassle-free blackwater pump out service, that boatfolk can really make a difference at decreasing the pollution caused by leisure boats.  

The staff at boatfolk have had a lot of fun trying to make up a boat name for this new vessel.  Traditionally, all workboats at Deacons Marina (where the newly created vessel was born) are called Sniff – which seems to work.  Other great suggestions included The Captain’s Log and Brown Nose (Haslar Marina’s main work boat is called Blue Nose).

Oh, how the winter hours flew by!  

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