War on plastics

Keeping plastics away from our coastlines

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Why is it important?

Plastic is a problem. It’s impacting our coastlines and our oceans. Here in the UK around 5,000 items of marine plastic are found per mile of beach. Plastics not only ruin the beauty of the coastline, they’ll eventually make their way into the water. There they’ll spend their long life span breaking into ever smaller pieces of plastic, causing huge harm to our aquatic friends for decades to come.

What are we doing about it?

We want to change habits when it comes to ocean plastics. We’re leading by example, inspiring positive change and making it even easier for the boatfolk community to do the same. We’re introducing chilled bottle refill stations in all of our marina receptions and we’re challenging our suppliers to avoid single use plastics. We’re rolling our refill stations for environmentally friendly cleaning products and encouraging customers to switch to solutions that don’t harm the environment.

Because so much of the damage is already done, we’re doing all we can to remove plastic pollution from the marine environment. By boat, by hand, by Seabin. We’ve got initiatives in place at every one of our marinas to ensure that the plastic currently littering our coastlines doesn’t stay there.

What should you be doing?

Reduce, reuse, recycle in that order. Wherever possible reduce your use of single use plastics and make the switch to reusable containers and water bottles. If you do need to dispose of plastics make sure you recycle properly using the bins provided. Many land drains around our marinas run straight into the sea, if you spot any rubbish around (whether on land or in the water) lend a helping hand and grab it before it does any damage.

When it comes for caring for our coastlines, we run frequent beach cleans at all of our marina sites. We invite you to get involved, check with your closest marina to find the next event!

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