Powering our marinas through renewables

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Why is it important?

Carbon emissions are contributing to global warming, rising sea levels and the disturbance of the habitats of many species both on land and in the water. Reducing energy consumption and switching to alternative renewable sources of energy cuts carbon emissions and is essential for the future of our planet. A simple change to renewable energy has the power to save around 1,000 tonnes of carbon per year, significantly reducing our impact on the environment.

What are we doing about it?

Here at boatfolk we are on a continual journey to reduce our carbon footprint. We are doing all we can to ensure that our stunning coastlines can be enjoyed by generations to come. We are proud to say that as of January 2021 all our electricity comes from renewable sources. This it not just to cover our own power consumption, but it also powers the thousands of boats using shore power in our beautiful locations around the UK. In the future we want to go even further, we’re hoping to create our own energy locally and are actively being less wasteful wherever possible.

What should you be doing?

By berthing with us you already use renewable energy at our marinas. But there is always more which can be done. Make sure you keep your hull clean; it makes your boat more energy efficient and easier to propel through the water.

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