Marina mascots

Harbour seal pair © Chas Spradberry  The Wildlife Trusts

Boatfolk is all about community engagement and support, and this is particularly true of our environmental agenda, where each location has a chosen environmental mascot to stick up for. We do this because we know that we do not command a special right to enjoy our environment to the detriment of other species. We want to do all we can to help wildlife thrive around us. Here is the latest list of our Marina Mascots;

  • Bangor Marina - providing safe nesting boxes for guillemots
  • Conwy Marina – creating a secure environment for swans to rear their cygnets
  • Deacons Marina – protecting juvenile sea bass with biohut cages under their pontoons
  • East Cowes Marina – supporting cuttlefish by helping conservation of essential seagrass habitats
  • Haslar Marina – enabling the Hampshire & IOW Wildlife Trust to gather vital data on the Solent seal population
  • Penarth Marina – partnering with their local swan rescue to look after the swan families that call the marina their home
  • Portishead - protecting the habitat and raising awareness of our wetland Curlews
  • Portland Marina – educating all water users to coexist in harmony with their local dolphins
  • Rhu Marina – will create a safe seal platform to keep them safe from orcas in the area
  • Royal Quays Marina – have ‘Tern Island’, a purpose built raft to give a secure location for terns
  • Weymouth Marina – keeping ducks safe from seagulls and foxes by the introduction of duck houses in the marina

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