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Protecting other species

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At boatfolk we want to help wildlife thrive, and we do all we can to make sure our enjoyment of the coastline doesn’t come at the expense of other species. At each of our marinas we have a dedicated environmental mascot that we want to stick up for. We do our best to not only protect their habitat, but to educate others about how to ensure they continue to thrive for years to come. Our marina mascots for each marina are;

  • Bangor Marina - providing safe nesting boxes for guillemots

  • Conwy Marina – supporting the rewilding of oysters

  • Deacons Marina – protecting juvenile sea bass with biohut cages under their pontoons
  • East Cowes Marina – supporting cuttlefish by helping conservation of essential seagrass habitats and future provision of biohut systems

  • Haslar Marina – providing new habitats for the Short-Snouted seahorse with bespoke biohut cages under the pontoons

  • Penarth Marina – partnering with their local swan rescue to look after the swan families that call the marina their home

  • Portishead - protecting the habitat and raising awareness of our wetland curlews

  • Portland Marina – educating all water users to coexist in harmony with their local dolphins

  • Rhu Marina – offering the Eider Duck a safe place to nest on the shore around the marina

  • Royal Quays Marina – have ‘Tern Island’, a purpose built raft to give a secure location for terns

  • Weymouth Marina – keeping ducks safe from seagulls and foxes by the introduction of duck houses in the marina


What should you be doing?

By looking after the coastline you’ll be looking after our wildlife. Always reduce pollution, whether this be fuel, noise, or litter. Be careful when dropping your anchor, you never know if there’s a seagrass meadow below you! If you'd like to learn more about reducing the impact of anchoring you can find a handy guide from The Green Blue here. 

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