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Get involved

Get involved with local events

If you're passionate about sustainability we'll always provide a way to get involved. Each of our marinas runs regular beach cleans, just check with your local marina to find out when it's coming up. 

You'll also find a range of other events going on throughout the year. From wildlife talks held by conservation experts or art exhibitions and competitions to raise awareness we want to make it as easy as possible for you to show your support. 

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Improve your understanding

Understanding the problem is the first step towards making a positive change.

The boatfolk journal will give you an overview of what we're working on and why we're doing it. If you want any more information we've got on-site sustainability champions who can update you on the activities at  your local marina. 

Although Folk Tales isn't solely about sustainability we frequently welcome guests with a real passion for the coastline and an excellent understanding of what needs to be done to protect it. You can learn a lot about what goes on in, under and around the water (we certainly have!). 


Share what you know

The more people we can get involved the better the impact.

As well as inviting others along to sustainability events, sharing your knowledge and experiences can help inspire change in the boatfolk community and beyond. 

Whether it's chatting to your pontoon neighbour or posting something online we encourage you to tell as many people as possible about what needs to be done to protect our coastline. 

Want to join the conversation on social media? Simply use #CoastlineDeadline

Work with us

Are you an organisation doing great things?

We can’t be experts in everything, that’s why we need partners that know what they’re doing. From marine biologists and conservationists, to fundraisers, ecowarriors and educators we welcome partners who, just like us, want to make a real change.

Whether you're already doing something great, or you've got plans you need help putting into action we'd love to hear from you. Simply drop us an email on with a bit of information about who you are and what you do. 


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Are you a marina, port or harbour authority?

For those in our industry

Here at boatfolk we're part of Cleaner Marina, a collaboration between organisations championing marinas as guardians of clean seas. As part of this we provide free online resources for anyone in the industry wanting to make a positive change. Click the link below to find out more. 

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