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25th July 2021


Introducing oysters in Conwy Marina

A re-wilding project

 As part of an ambitious project to bring back the ‘superheroes of the ocean’ from the brink of extinction earlier this year Conwy Marina became home to brand new Oyster Nurseries suspended under the pontoons.

Why Oysters?

The re-wilding of oysters is highly beneficial for the marine environment, they help to keep our seas clean and provide a habitat for other species. Although Oysters once thrived in the local area the impact of humans has caused a steep decline not only in the Conwy region but across the UK. To allow this incredible species to return The Wild Oysters Project (a partnership with the Zoological Society of London, Blue Marine Foundation and British Marine) have worked together with organisations such as boatfolk to support re-wilding.

 About the Nurseries

There are currently oyster nurseries set up in Conwy Marina, working in conjunction with Bangor University to allow the careful monitoring and caring for the oysters. These nurseries create a micro habitat for the next generation of Oysters. Currently the oysters are thriving at Conwy, having adapted very well to the environment with a significantly higher survival rate than other sites around the UK. Over time the oysters will start releasing oyster larvae into the ocean which will be carried out to settle on the seabed, ultimately resulting in cleaner waters and better marine biodiversity.

Learn more

If you’re at Conwy Marina there are ‘flaps’ on the relevant pontoons which allow you to peek at the oyster nurseries beneath. Equally, if you'd like to learn more about the project you can listen to our Folk Tales Episode where we speak with Celine Gamble of the Zoological Society of London and Maria Hayden-Jones of Bangor University.

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