Wild Oysters Project

18th May 2021

Folk Tales Episode 13: The Wild Oysters Project

Rewilding the native oyster at Conwy Marina

In this episode of Folk Tales we speak with Celine Gamble of the Zoological Society of London and Maria Hayden-Jones of Bangor University about the pioneering project that sees Conwy Marina becoming a focal point for the rewilding of native oysters.

In April 2021, 1,300 native oysters were returned to waters in Conwy Bay. Part of an ambitious restoration project known as the Wild Oysters Project, the aim is to bring back these ‘ocean superheroes’ from the brink of extinction.

The Wild Oysters Project is a partnership between ZSL (Zoological Society of London), Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) and British Marine. It aims to help restore healthy, resilient coastal waters around the UK. The nurseries are currently set up in various sites including one at Conwy Marina in conjunction with Bangor University. 

Celine and Maria take us through the project, its aims, and the vital role that oysters will play in the safeguarding of our waters for generations to come.

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