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23rd October 2021


Berth Holder Coffee Morning

Notes from our inaugural coffee morning

Several berth holders joined Dan Fraser-Betts (boatcare), Tom Ralph (marina team) and Reuben Lake and Ned Winter (boatpoint) on Friday 22 October to ask questions, offer feedback and raise concerns over several issues whilst enjoying a cuppa and cake in The Boat That Rocks. It was great to hear that so many berth holders welcome the coffee morning idea and find our staff welcoming and friendly.

Here's what we talked about;

  • Fuel concerns - Questions about E10 / E5 and clarification on what we intend to do as a marina. Our current stance is to continue dispensing E5 fuel for the foreseeable future.
  • Car Parking - An explanation of the intention of the new car parking charges to ensure our berth holders have space to park when they come down to use their boat.
  • Uncertainty around the new liveaboard Berth Holder contracts - Rumours abound and it is making our liveaboards uncomfortable. We will endeavour to give clarification as soon as possible.
  • Washroom cleaning times - the current times are inconvenient for some berth holders. As we are now in the quieter season, the locking of the washrooms during cleaning has been removed.
  • Unreliable pump out station - Customers are finding it difficult to use or out of action. We have approached a contractor to investigate and repair the pump out facility and will update everyone when it is back up and running properly. This is a high priority on the maintenance list, but hampered by the availability of the contractor.
  • Dog mess on the pontoons - This has been a problem for a while. Dog mess bags are now available on the pontoons for dog owners to use which we hope will improve the situation.
  • Laundry room - The replacement of one washer and dryer and repair of the others is welcomed, however issues with the coin operation on one of the washing machines still remains and a new part is being sourced.

Several great suggestions were also made and we'll be looking into how and when we can organise these. One suggestion was a ferry service between Weymouth and Portland. The local ferry service did used to stop at the marina, but was unable to run during 2020 due to Covid and was running a limited service from Crabbers Wharf this summer. We hope normal service may be able to resume in 2022 and will keep you all posted.

Thank you to those who joined us, the next date is Friday 26 November, same place and time!

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