Curlew   natures pics

21st November 2020


Meet our new Environmental Champion


The Curlew is a very large, tall wading bird about the same size as a female pheasant. Curlews have mottled brown and grey feathers with long, bluish legs, its long down curved bill that is pink underneath is an unmistakable feature and perfect for probing the mud for prey. When they fly, Curlew have a white wedge on the rump.

The Curlew is now regarded as the most pressing bird conservation priority in the UK, where we hold a quarter of the world's population. Curlews are seen around Portbury Wharf Salt Marsh right on the marina's doorstep. Salt marshes are important foraging sights in winter because they don’t freeze over.

In choosing the Curlew as our worthy environmental champion, we would like it to encourage us all to think more about our own actions and how it might affect the natural environment around us.

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