Responsible boating

Do your bit to protect our planet

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Protecting our planet

It’s important to look after our planet for future generations. Here at boatfolk we’re doing our bit to protect our oceans, coastlines and wildlife. As a member of the boatfolk community we ask you to do your bit too.

Take care

Dropping your anchor

Look out for seagrass meadows before dropping your anchor. If you spot sea grass, seek an alternative position. Seagrass not only acts as a great habitat for many species, it can capture 95 times more carbon than the rainforest in a given area.

Do not disturb

Take care of wildlife

Our shoreline habitats support a wide variety of species that can be vulnerable to disturbance. Reduce your speed and check your wash in sensitive areas.

Don't pollute

Avoid drips and spillages

Don’t pollute the water. Drips and spillages have a serious impact on the marine environment. Portable fuel tanks and containers should be filled away from the water’s edge. Don’t overfill your tanks and make sure to use drip trays and absorbent materials. Dispose of any used engine oil in the waste oil tanks available.

Be careful

Take care with antifoul

A good antifoul or coppercoat application is essential for keeping your boat’s hull cleaner for longer. However, poor application can lead it to peel away. Please help avoid the antifoul entering the water by ensuring that antifoul scrapings are swept up and disposed of. Wherever possible, opt for biodegradable, phosphate and chlorine free products.

Quiet please

Don't be a noisy neighbour

Roaring engines, flapping halyards and loud music can disturb other users of the marina and nearby residents. Do what you can to keep noise pollution to a minimum.

Keep the water clean

Pump Out

Although we encourage you to use our onsite facilities, we appreciate this is not always possible. Please ensure holding tanks are used and pumped out at dedicated pump out stations. As a last resort, ensure you are at least three miles offshore before emptying your holding tanks.

Reduce waste

Swap out single-use plastics

We encourage you to switch to take advantage of our refill stations and opt for reusable containers and water bottles wherever possible. 

Do what you can

Disposing of litter

If you spot any litter bobbing about please pick it up! When disposing of rubbish remember the drains in the marina run into the sea so always use the bins provided! 

A little something for everyone

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