Tim Long visits Bangor

10th February 2021


Tim Long recalls fond memories of his time at Bangor Marina

Welcoming a record-breaker to Bangor

The final days of winter are upon us, and this starts after the coldest January for a decade.  As we shiver in this biting cold, let us cast our minds back to the sunny warm days of last summer.  Days of just messing about in boats and having fun, days of freedom from the first lockdown and days of enjoying the value of eat out to help out. 

And then there was the day that a young sailor of 15 years, brimming with an adventurous spirit sailed into Bangor Marina with an amazing sea story to share. They say a moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever. 

After the winds dropped, Timothy continued with his world record-breaking voyage leaving wonderful memories with us all and we know he will always remember his time at Bangor. 

You can read Timothy's story here:



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