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 We offer a full range of facilities at our marina to make it even easier for you to have fun afloat.

Toilets and Showers
Please do not use your flushing heads in the Marina we do have spotless clean toilet and shower facilities that you can use.  These are available continuously, except during daily cleaning times. These times are advertised in the facilities. We would appreciate your co-operation during these short periods. Separate facilities are available for the disabled.

Pump it Out
We're passionate about keeping our marina waters and seas pollution free, if you have a holding tank for grey and black water, we can offer you a pump out cost free.  Please contact the marina office to arrange this service.

Clean Clothes
The laundry is open continuously. The equipment is operated by tokens, available from the office. Soap powder is available from the marina office. An iron is also available.

These are provided for the convenience of all berth holders. They should be returned to the trolley park after use. Children should not ‘ride’ in trolleys. Please do not carry dirty fuel cans /oil containers / used fuel filters in trolleys.

Let's get connected
A free Wi-Fi Internet service is available throughout the Marina. Please contact the marina office for log-on details.

Children and Guests
Young children should always be in the care of adults and should wear a lifejacket. Berth Holders’ guests should always be accompanied while on the marina estate and should be advised of all the safety considerations. Dinghies and Tenders These should not be used for recreational purposes in the marina.

Residential Use of Boats (not occasional overnight/weekend use)
We permit owners to live aboard with our prior consent. Additional terms & conditions and a surcharge will apply. We do not permit houseboats.  

Repairs and Maintenance
Berth holders are welcome to carry out minor running repairs on their craft, subject always to the marina terms and conditions.  Only registered contractors may carry out work to vessels within the marina area. Contractors should be able to satisfy marina requirements regarding insurance, namely the possession of a third party liability cover of at least £5 million. Details of how to register are available at the marina office. Berth holders should be aware that in the event of injury or damage being caused on the harbour estate by a contractor who has not satisfied the above requirements, the berth holder’s insurance will be deemed to be liable.

Domestic rubbish can be disposed of in bins provided. Recycling facilities for the collection of glass bottles, metal cans, paper, plastic bottles, old batteries, old oil filters and waste oil are also provided and we would request that all boat owners segregate their waste before disposal and recycling.

We are happy to hold keys to craft for emergency access purposes.  We reserve the right to refuse to accept keys of craft for collection by third parties, unless by written prior arrangement.

Pets should be exercised off the Marina Site and Car Parks, and should not be allowed to foul the pontoons, access, nor car parks, nor cause any aggravation to Marina users. Dogs should be kept on a lead when not on board. We reserve the right to insist on appropriate pet insurance.                    

Environmental Awareness
We are keen to encourage and promote environmental awareness amongst our berth holders.  Please consider the needs of the environment for the good of all

Beware of the Wildlife
Shoreline habitats support a huge variety of species that can be vulnerable to disturbance. Reduce your speed and check your wash in sensitive areas.

Don’t be a noisy neighbour
Roaring engines, flapping halyards, loud music can disturb other users of the marina and nearby residents. Do what you can to reduce noise pollution to a minimum.

Overboard is out
Litter spoils the appearance of the marina and harms the environment. Bag your rubbish and dispose of it in the marina bins. It is an offence under the Merchant Shipping (Prevention of Pollution by Garbage) Regulations 1988 to dump rubbish in a river or at sea.

Don’t Flush
Untreated sewage from vessels is unsightly and a health hazard to other water users. Don’t pollute the marina environment use the shore facilities whenever possible.

Don’t pollute the water
Drips and spillages have a serious cumulative effect on the marine environment. Portable fuel tanks and spare fuel containers should be filled away from the waters edge. Don’t overfill tanks.  Provide drip trays and absorbent material. Dispose of used engine oil within the waste oil tanks in the marina.

Paint a pretty picture
Take care with anti-fouling. Ensure that anti-fouling scrapings are swept up and disposed of. Try not to allow them to enter the water. Where possible use products that are biodegradable, phosphate and chlorine free.

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