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1st April 2022


Long stay parking

A space saving solution

The recently installed ANPR system in our two on-site car parks is already helping to create more spaces for berth holders and visitors, but we're always looking for ways to improve our customer's experience whilst visiting the marina and have hit upon an innovative solution using existing infrastructure.

Our new valet parking service will be offered free of charge to customers wishing to park their car on a long stay basis whilst they are out using their boats in an incentive to free up more parking space. Working in the same way as our dry stack, drivers simply pull up into a designated bay, unload and sign their keys into the marina office. We'll then pick the car up and pop it into the new parking station, a designated section of our our dry stack building. 


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In addition to freeing up parking spaces, this new system also gives the benefits of undercover parking and security for the car owner, we'll even throw in a free car wash! On return to the marina, the car is delivered to the pick up bay ready for the owner to load up and head home!


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