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21st October 2022


English Braids R5 recycled rope

More sustainable options coming to our boatcare chandlery!

We're always looking for ways to help reduce our impact on the environment, especially given that the beautiful coastlines and stunning scenery are one of the greatest reasons we love getting afloat! So we're delighted to say that we'll soon be stocking English Braids R5 range in our Portland boatcare store.

The R5 range includes ropes made from recycled rPET yarns and bio-based Dyneema made from byproducts of the timber and pulp industries, not only recycling single use plastics, but utilising an otherwise discarded resource.

The English Braids R5 philosophy strives to Reuse, Recycle, Redesign, Refuse and Reduce and looks at their whole supply chain as well as packaging and design process. You can read more about it all here.

English Braids recycling process

Boating isn't always as environmentally benign as we'd like to think it is, so by stocking products like English Braids' R5 range of ropes and the Ecoworks Marine cleaning products in our boatcare store, we hope to make our footprint on the planet a little bit lighter. Even better, our Ecoworks Marine refill station means you can reduce your use of single use plastic by bringing your own containers to fill up with boat cleaning goodies! Don't forget we also have a pick and mix nuts and bolts station so you can buy just what you need without ending up with a surplus of hardware clogging up your lockers in plastic bags.

Throughtout the winter months and during stormy weather, the marina team often have to replace lines which are frayed or worn (or in some cases snapped completely!)  until the owner is able to come down and replace the lines themselves. From now on, we'll be using the R5 rPET mooring lines for this and, if you're unable to make it down to your boat to put new ropes on yourself, you can simply order them from our boatcare chandlery and we'll pop them on for you! 

English Braids R5

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