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30th October 2023


Boatcare visit Williams F1 Racing

Learnings from the other side of the track

The focus of the visit was teamwork and building high-performance teams, drawing inspiration from the world of Formula 1 racing. Led by an external facilitator, the boatcare teams from across the UK engaged in discussions that highlighted the importance of precision, dedication, and coordinated efforts, all of which are crucial for both boatcare and F1 racing teams. The afternoon session took everyone on a tour of the Williams F1 Team factory, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the meticulous engineering and innovation behind every Formula 1 racing car. 

The highlight of the day was the chance to try an F1 E-Simulator, providing a taste of the high-speed racing experience and also a few laughs as Yard Supervisor Jack Drummond managed to almost complete several laps only to come off the track and cancel the run right the end of each attempt. Luckily he's much better at driving a forklift!


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The visit was not only thrilling but also productive with the teams drilling into best practices in boatcare and customer service. The exchange of ideas across the sites was inspiring  and the insights gained during day are sure to benefit our team, and as a result our customers, as they strive for excellence in our boatcare services. This cross-industry learning experience was a true catalyst for fresh ideas and innovative solutions. The day also afforded people from all areas of boatcare, from the boots on the ground to senior management, to get to know each other and create a sense of cohesiveness across the five sites.

The boatcare crew extend grateful thanks to the Williams F1 Team for their warm welcome and knowledge sharing . They're confident that the lessons learned during this visit will have a lasting impact on the team's performance and customer service standards at boatcare.

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