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31st March 2020


BerthMaster Online Electricity System

Take control of your electricity supply

We have installed the new BerthMaster Online electricity management system at Haslar Marina and in Portland Marina’s boatyard and on the new pontoons. The BerthMaster Online system allows you to control and view your electricity connection and consumption via your phone or computer from wherever you are.

Rather than having bills produced from meter readings, users have an online account and can decide how much to pre-pay, and whether to set automatic top-ups, all paid securely online by credit or debit card. You can view your electricity usage at any time, and can switch the supply on and off remotely.

If your boat is unplugged by another user, or the supply is interrupted, you will receive a message alert straight away. No other user can access the credit on your account, so even if your socket is used by another boat while you are away, you will only ever pay for the electricity you use.

How to use BerthMaster Online electricity system at Haslar and Portland marinas

BerthMaster Online works by allocating a socket to each berth, with each socket having a unique ID number.

You connect to the electricity either online or by typing in codes to the master pedestal near your boat.

Each socket will have a unique four-digit number which is shown on a plaque attached above the socket. At Haslar, the first two digits are the pontoon code, and the second two digits are the berth number.

Here is a video to help you with the BerthMaster Online system – watch now

Step 1 - create account

Log on to and click on 'Create an account'

Step 2 - personal information

Complete ‘personal details’ section and create a unique PIN and Password. You need the PIN to turn on your electricity supply at the pedestal, so make it memorable.

The Password is used for managing your account online.

Step 3 - email verification

Follow the email verification instructions.

It's a good idea to add BerthMaster Online to your contacts so future email alerts don't go in your email spam/junk folder.

Step 4 - account preferences

This allows you to choose what automatic email notifications you will receive.

boatfolk and BerthMaster Online accept no responsibility for power outages resulting from insufficient credit. Please select Low Credit Amount', and/or ‘Auto Top-Up’ to ensure you are not cut off.

Step 5 - register to the marina

Click on 'Marinas' on the top line. You will need to enter the unique marina code then click 'Register'. This is very important as it confirms you as a boatfolk berth holder.

If you don't have the marina code, ask in the marina office.

Step 6 - add credit

This is in the dark blue section at the top of the page. Use a debit or credit card. Tick the box at the top of the page to 'use your BerthMaster contact details' to save retyping.

The standard card surcharge levied by WorldPay will be paid by boatfolk if you are a boatfolk berth holder.

Step 7 - add electrical service

Click on 'Dashboard' at the top of the page to connect to your berth socket. The ID code is unique to each socket and can be found just above the socket.

Click 'Add service', this will take you to the supply details page which shows the tariff and supply status.

Click on the green 'Add socket' button. A message will ask you to click 'Dashboard' at the top of the page. This will take you to the socket details page, where you can turn the socket on and off.

If your boat is already connected to the socket, you can switch on the supply by clicking beside the red 'switch' at the bottom of the page. To turn off again, click beside until the switch state is 'turned off'.

Step 8 - take note of your account number

Click on 'Account' on the top of the page and note your unique 7 digit account number and the PIN code you created in step 2

In order to use the master pedestals, you will need your unique 7 digit account number, your PIN code and your socket ID.

You are now all up-and-running!

If you have any problems or questions, please ask in the marina office.

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