Tim Davies

25th May 2021

Folk Tales Episode 14: Getting to know Tim Davies

From charitable sailing project, Sail2Help

In this episode of Folk Tales we speak with Tim Davies from charitable sailing project, Sail2Help.

Following the tragic suicide of his son, George, in early 2020, Tim set-up Sail2Help to raise awareness of mental health issues among young people, and importantly raise funds in order to offer support to those that need it most. Working to support Papyrus, the UK’s main suicide prevention charity for young persons,  Sail2Help seeks to help fund projects that aim to reduce the incidence of suicide.

Tim shares his story with us and his belief in the the power of sailing to help provide much-needed respite for those suffering from the loss of a loved one. This episode may be triggering for some listeners and we ask that you please decide if this is suitable for you before listening.

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To find out more about Sail2Help, visit their website at www.sail2help.com

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