Boiling Battery

15th March 2023


Battery Fires

Recently, there have been some incidents at various marinas, including Bangor, where boat batteries have overheated and even exploded while left on charge.

We wanted to share some important information with you regarding boat safety.

It's a surprisingly common cause of onboard fires, which is why it's crucial to regularly check your battery and charging systems.

But don't worry, we've got some good news too! We're lucky enough to have one of Northern Ireland's most reputable companies right on our doorstep, ready to help you with any battery needs.

Wells Tyres is a fantastic resource for all your battery needs and can be found  HERE or contacted at 028 9146 0122.

We hope you find this information helpful and encourage you to take the necessary precautions to keep your boat safe and secure.

Remember, a little bit of prevention can go a long way.

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