Meet the crew

Our boatfolk at Weymouth Marina

Weymouth Pommery

Neil Bedwell

Marina Manager

Neil is Weymouth's Mr Fixit and can turn his hand to almost anything from replacing pontoons to creating the new garden. His dearest wish is to build a Juilet balcony upstairs in the marina office so he can survey his realm in the proper manner.

RYP 022

Sharon MacDonald

Berthing Master

Sharon is our newest recruit, and the face of weekends at Weymouth. When she’s not welcoming visitors and helping berth holders, Sharon is known as a bit of a party person and Zumba queen.

Sharon MacDonald

Colm Day

Senior Berthing Master

Colm is a man of hidden depths (he used to hide them under is hair but chopped it off for charity). Colm has been known to enjoy a half marathon or two, he is also quite handy on a pushbike and enjoys a round or two of golf.

Colm Day

Robin Vokes


Hands on with a mop and bucket and keeping our washrooms spotlessly clean. Enjoys a pub quiz and a crossword.

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