Eco-mooring at Studland Bay

Protect the seagrass bed


Details for using the eco-mooring

These eco-moorings give you an environmentally friendly alternative to dropping your anchor. By using these moorings you are protecting the seabed, but make sure you do so responsibly by adhering to the following rules:

  • Do not moor a vessel over 10 tonnes
  • No rafting of vessels
  • No mooring when the swell is greater than 1 metre
  • Max stay 4 days

By adhering to these rules we will ensure these eco-moorings keep going for years to come, allowing future generations of boaters to enjoy Studland Bay without doing so at the expense of the environment. 

Protect our seahorses!

The installation of these eco-moorings is part of a partnership between boatfolk and The Seahorse Trust in order to protect the seagrass meadows present at Studland Bay. Seagrass stores up to twice as much carbon per hectare as terrestrial forrests and provides an essential habitat for the UK's native Spiny Seahorse. 

Seahorse (3)
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Show your support

Help fund more eco-moorings

Although these eco-moorings are free to use they take time and money to maintain and install. In partnership with The Seahorse Trust we want to continue to make positive changes for boaters, wildlife and future generations so we ask that you make a voluntary donation to help install even more eco-moorings. 

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