Adventure sailing with Rubicon 3

Are you ready for one of the greatest adventures of a lifetime?

Adventure sailing at Haslar

Every year an incredible group of men and women from all round the world join Rubicon 3 for an adventure holiday like no other: to sail, train and explore on a Rubicon 3 sailing expedition. From complete beginners to experienced sailors, the crew are a part of something unique. Have you dreamt of what it must be like to set sail across the Atlantic Ocean, with nothing but thousands of miles of open ocean ahead of you?

Maybe your dream is winding through the archipelagoes of Norway, sailing just a few miles each day as you explore each nook and cranny. For some the allure is getting in amongst the icebergs and polar bears, for others it’s arriving at sun bleached white sand, turquoise water and deserted atolls in the Pacific Ocean. The point is – you have a dream and their mission at Rubicon 3 is to make that dream come true, whether you are a sailor or not.

A true adventure holiday, at sea, that anyone can join, no matter their previous sailing experience.

Who hasn’t dreamt of being far out to sea, headed for distant shores? The sea has always exerted a primal force on us. As Jacques Cousteau said, “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” Adventure travel generally is special, but there is a magic in sailing from Iceland to the east coast of Greenland or a night passage along the coast of Africa, with the distant lights and scents of the shore drifting out on to the ocean.

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